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impart comunicar
impartial imparcial
impassable intransitable
impasse callejón sin salida
impassive impasible
impatient impaciente
impeach impugnar
impeccable impecable
impedance impedancia
impede impedir
impediment impedimento
impel impeler
impeller impulsor
impenetrable impenetrable
imperceptible imperceptible
imperfect imperfecto-a
imperial imperial
imperil poner en peligro
imperious imperioso-a
imperishable no perecedero-a
impermeable impermeable
impersonal impersonal
impersonate personificar
impertinent impertinente
imperturbable imperturbable
impervious impermeable
impetuous impetuoso-a
impetus ímpetu
impiety impiedad
impinge vulnerar algo
impious impío-a
impish pícaro-a
implant implantar
implantation implantación
implausible inverosímil

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